Second Action Plan (2011 - 2013)

The Second Action Plan for the period 2011 - 2013 of the 8th Africa-EU Strategic Partnership (Science, Information Society, Space) was adopted at the 3rd Africa EU Summit which took place in Tripoli, Libya 29 - 30 November 2010. A number of priority areas have been identified for public sector, private sector and research community collaboration between Africa and Europe to complement investments in ICT infrastructure deployment by exploiting synergies between the EU 2020 Digital Agenda and the African Union (AU) ICT development frameworks.

One of the priority areas identified is to finalise, expedite and implement the Baseline Draft 0 Action Plan on GMES and Africa , taking into consideration ongoing deliberations and guidance on the process since it was initiated in 2007.

The current draft of the GMES and Africa Action Plan addresses 9 thematic areas as well as 5 cross cutting issues.

The 9 Thematic Areas identified are:

- Long-Term Management of Natural Resources

- Marine and Coastal Areas

- Water Resources Management

- Impacts of Climate Variability Change

- Natural Disasters

- Food Security and Rural Development

- Infrastructures and Territorial Development

- Conflicts and Political Crisis

- Health Management Issues

The 5 Cross Cutting Issues identified are:

- Policy and Institutional

- Infrastructure

- Capacity Building

- Financial

- Monitoring and Evaluation