The BRAGMA Project implemented an ePlatform for internal documentation exchange and to reinforce discussion within Working Groups in the fields related to BRAGMA activities. The platform provides public files about the initiative, backgro und information and BRAGMA public documents.

More than 120 expert members are currently subscribed, providing some background information and have access to discussion forums for general discussions and forums specifically set up to support working groups and the 3 thematic workshops (Marine Workshop - Kenya 2012, Water workshop - Nigeria 2013, Natural Resources Workshop - Egypt 2013). Relevant experts are welcome to join the Working Groups, which aim to contribute to the GMES and Africa Action Plan.

Working Groups (WGs) are focused around the following themes related to the GMES and Africa Action Plan:

- Cross Cutting Issues (governance, funding, strategy, policy etc...)

- Management of natural resources

- Marine and coastal areas

- Water resources management

- Impacts of climate variability and change

- Natural disasters

- Food security and rural development

- Infrastructures and territorial development

- Health management

- Conflicts and political crises

Each Working group has a dedicated section that is divided in three main areas:

- Related Projects: in this area one can find projects, based in Africa, regarding the group focus. In cross cutting issues, the projects listed are the ones that deal with more than one topic or specific cross cutting issues.

- Relevant Links: in this section one can find links to various sites that concern the group theme worldwide. The links cover regional or world organisations, project's deliverables or even research covering the theme.

As an example, in the "Conflicts and political crisis" Group one of the links is to a paper from Brian- Vincent Ikejiaku, from the Research Institute for Law, Keele University, United Kingdom, which addresses the thematic of conflict and conflict resolution in Africa.

- Relevant Events: list past and future events, worldwide, regarding the theme. Most of the events are Africa based or discuss the theme with an African perspective, nevertheless in this area the subject is addressed with a worldwide view.

As an example the Health Management Group alerts for the 2014 "European Health Management Association- Leadership in health care: from bedside to board".

Join a Working Group

While participation in any Working Group is open and free, pre-registration is required. To join please send an email to the BRAGMA Secretariat - secretariat@bragma.eu - stating the Working Group of interest, area of work and a brief statement of interest in GMES and Africa.